Hi. I’m Ben.

Video Editor. Photographer. Burrito Eater.

I’m a professional editor based in Chicago. Mainly a short-form and docu-style/unscripted editor, I’ve honed the ability to tell an engaging story without wasting time— a skill that applies to everything from :30 ads to feature films. Over the years, I’ve worked with clients such as Disney, Allstate, MasterCard, Porsche, the Chicago Blackhawks, SC Johnson, and McDonald’s. In addition to creative editorial, I also do light VFX/cleanup, color, and graphics.

Photography has always been a hobby. I’ve become a fairly avid street photographer, trying to frame the everyday in an interesting way. In addition to tradition digital, I’ve started experimenting with pinhole photography. My photos typically have a strong emphasis on 2D space.

My other hobbies include making music, playing video games, reading, and eating burritos.